The Pro Hose Adapter – 2 Pack


What’s in the Box?

You will receive two Professional flexible Tapered Hose Adapters.


There are two main reasons our Pro hose Adapter is different from standard Hose adapters on the market.

Firstly, is the material, most of the adapters that are currently available are made from a rigid ABS plastic, which means they have no real flexibility and can be difficult or near impossible to connect to some extraction ports and hoses.

Unlike these standard hose adapters, our custom made adapter has been manufactured from a flexible 2 part polymer, this allows it to expand and contract under tension and gives it a far better friction fit.

Secondly, standard hose adapters are manufactured with square edged stepped sections, whereas the Pro Hose Adapter by DrillBuddy has been manufactured with tapered leading edges to each of the external stepped sections, this helps provide an almost effortless and frustration free compression fitting to slightly oversized or undersized ports and hoses. This makes the Pro Hose Adapter extremely versatile, and increases its functionality.


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